It's unfortunate this happened this way. I think substack could've given you a tip of the hat in rolling out these features. But I don't think this is the end of the world for your mission.

As you pointed out in an earlier edition, a lot of substack's auto post features leave a lot to be desired. Substack has basically rolled out "Google maps" on our phones. You're "Waze."

Yes, a lot of people will go with the simple, built in option, but you can continue to bring stuff to the table that the default stuff doesn't. Perhaps the competitive spirit will make both products better. Best of luck moving forward!

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I'm so glad that you are taking this in stride and with a positive attitude. Creators always run the risk of having their work copied, but it's important to keep going nonetheless because you can still reach an audience or gain users.

My short foray into screenwriting revealed that regular people, and even large companies, will steal some else's work. It's so common that even a lawsuit is not recommended if you want to continue "in the industry." You just have to accept it as a risk that comes with the territory, and move on with the next project.

The same thing is also true for graphic artists whose designs, and sometimes whole websites, get stolen and sold as t-shirts on the internet. My way to handle that is to create designs that promote my projects, so even if the images get stolen, they still serve as advertisements for my work.

Hopefully you'll be able to find a niche that is not easy to replicate, and/or to be justly recognized for your work.

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Just a quick note to share that your service was shared in Office Hours today which is how I found you. So you know, Substacks cards were nice to receive. I thought "oh! cool enhancement". But I won't use them because I can't customize. And, I prefer to not use their branding.

Stay the course. It looks like you have a cool product that I'll check out on my next post.

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Hey Matthew. I'm not sure what to say, kinda dumbfounded by this. I'm sure the story is not over. I wish you luck with the original version!

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I used Substack's media meme feature (or whatever they call it) for the first time today and I think I'm going to really like it. It adds 'Pop'. I didn't know anything about it until it appeared as an option after I published my post. I'm really sorry they used your idea without giving you credit, and I have to say you're much kinder about it than I might have been.

I'm frankly surprised, because I've always admired the crew here at Substack and have appreciated their helpfulness and their transparency. They seek out ideas on Office Hours and thank people for suggestions. This seems way out of line for them, but they're not always in the front office, so who knows?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I like what you're doing here very much, although I don't always understand the nuts and bolts! I hope you soon get the recognition you deserve.

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Wow, it’s unfortunate this happened. I’m glad you’re using this experience to seek ways to further improve Newsletter to Socials for content creators. I admire your optimism!

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